Tired of the same old dye packets? Here are 10 ideas for your Easter eggs this year

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Whether you're searching for a fresh new look, an all natural approach or something easy and nearly mess-free, if you're looking for a new way to color your eggs this year, look no further.

Coloring Easter eggs for the springtime holiday doesn't need to be a hassle. There are countless ways to spruce up your annual tradition or, if you're new to dying eggs, there's no need for it to be complicated or boring.

Here are 10 ideas for dying your eggs this year that don't rely on a dissolving tablet kit.

1. Out of this world galaxy eggs

Maybe you love stargazing on Lowcountry beaches to point out your favorite constellations. Maybe you have a kid who loves science. You can't go wrong with an egg inspired by the galaxy.

2. The Cool Whip swirl method

Give this one a try for an almost tie-dye effect on your eggs. Watch as the colors swirl together on your Easter egg, with not a whole lot to clean up afterward.

3. The Cool Whip roll method

Very similar to the last method, this approach starts off the same but ends up giving you a simper looking egg. Still beautiful colors blended together, just without the funky twist.

4. Kool-Aid Easter eggs

The absolute best part about this egg dying process is that you might already have some Kool-Aid in the cupboard. About as simple as the bye tablet kits, the Kool-Aid coloring method gives you nice bright colors and adds a bit of whimsy to the mix.

5. The marker trick

Another method that's probably already in drawers around the house, especially if you have kids. Grab a handful of markers and a few plastic baggies and you're good to go. A little warm water and soap will clear up any marker mess leftover.

6. Marbled eggs

These elegant looking marbled eggs might take a little extra time and care, but the end product is stunning. If you're looking to think outside the box for Easter this year, this might be a good bet.

7. Eggs with press-on patterns

Here's another suggestion that's a little more involved, but will leave a real impression. Snag a garden herb or maybe a small flower and give these patterned eggs a try.

8. Watercolor eggs

Have any water color paints hidden away? Break those bad boys out and try your hand at an egg-sized seaside landscape or spring garden. Try the South Carolina flag or a family portrait! Let your egg canvas guide you.

9. Pisanki inspired eggs

These Polish-inspired eggs give you a chance to design your very own Pisanki this Easter. Take a moment to learn the history behind this tradition and maybe start a new one for yourself.

10. All natural egg dye

Ready to skip the dyes and strange colors all together this year? Try these naturally colorful options for a simple solution to fake dyes and maybe learn something about how dyes were originally made.

However you choose to color your Easter eggs this year, have a blast!