Mindy Lucas

Empty plates trend on Instagram; Eating dangerous critters; and how dissing someone on Facebook could cost you a job

The buzz around summer blockbuster "Pacific Rim" continues to grow.

Netflix is in talks to do another season of "Arrested Development."

The Atlantic's Alison Agosti talks about how much she hated the first season of Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom" but how inexplicably excited she is for the show's second season, which begins Sunday.

Pearl Jam announced that their 10th studio album will be called "Lightning Bolt," and it will be released October 15th.

Boston's Dropkick Murphys donated $300,000 to victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Snooki is giving parenting advice to Kate Middleton. Let that sink in for a minute. 

Bill Gates' summer reading list.

Empty plates are on the trendy new thing on Instagram.

The restaurant group behind Charleston's High Cotton and Slightly North of Broad have plans for a new restaurant in Mount Pleasant.

Sam Sifton will be heading up some kind of new New York Times "dining product." 

Chefs across the country are increasingly killing and serving up invasive and dangerous animals like rattlesnake and lionfish.

Food Republic has a list of 10 ciders you should be drinking this summer.

A brilliant ad campaign from Heineken dares travelers to drop everything and head to parts unknown

A "Spongebob Square Pants" movie will shoot in Savannah.

A Georgia newspaper chain became the latest to shutter its photography department, laying off 28 people.

Dissing someone on Facebook or Twitter could cost you a future job, according to a new study by N.C. State University.

Runners World has some tips pertinent to Lowcountry runners: How best to run in humidity.

Bill Hader KILLS it in his first post-"Saturday Night Live" gig as a pitchman for T-Mobile

The ever-charming April Bloomfield was on Jimmy Fallon last night

Beastie Boy Mike D released a new song yesterday.