Mindy Lucas

Stop the "Point Break" remake; Boston Marathon honors Newtown; and Jay Carney talks Jay-Z

Where the germs hide in your kitchen.

Grantland.com wonders aloud whether local Candice Glover is the greatest "American Idol" contestant of all-time.

Glen Mazzara of "The Walking Dead" is writing a prequel to "The Shining" called "The Overlook Hotel."

A new, food-themed graphic novel that I need to get my hands on.

An actress who sued IMDB for posting her real age lost said lawsuit, according to the New York Times.

B.J. Novak of "The Office" has sold two books to Knopf, one of which will be fiction. Not surprisingly, he got a pretty hefty, seven-figure payday in return.

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., thinks Cyndi Lauper is hot or so said a short-lived tweet.

The man who voiced Charlie Brown was arrested and charged with threatening and stalking a plastic surgeon

We must stop the remake of 1991's "Point Break." This is important. 

UCONN gets a new logo and it's really kind of cool.

Rick Pitino's  choice of tattoo and its placement are both kind of lame.

The Boston Marathon  honors Newtown victims at 26 mile marker.

Bon Appetit has a list of the best-tasting envelope glues just in time for Tax Day.

Oregon continues to become a parody of itself, this time naming an official state microbe.

John Hodgman and Alton Brown talk about whether it's OK to eat moldy food.

In the light of bills that would make it illegal to covertly tape practices at factory farms, Michael Ruhlman writes about the difference between farm transparency and farm secrecy.

ESPN commentator Mark May gets predictably indignant after Ohio State gives its football players rings for going 12-0. Also doesn't know the difference between "there" and "they're." 

There's no licking in hockey! Someone should tell Buffalo Sabres center Steve Ott.

I'm a sucker for a trick shot video and the one made by the Lions new kicker, and native Norwegian, Havard Rugland is pretty awesome.

And last but not least, a White House correspondent painfully reads the lyrics to Jay-Z's "Open Letter," a song he released in response to his controversial recent trip to Cuba and Jay Carney responds as only Jay Carney can.