Mindy Lucas

Tracking God in real-time; a holy Goldfish; and Betty Draper's Squatter Goulash

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Texas legislators honored Top Chef alum Paul Qui at the Statehouse yesterday, in part, for helping to boost awareness of Austin's culinary community.

A group of Chicago creatives design a website to see what God is up to in real-time.

A woman notices what appeared to be a cross stamped onto a Goldfish cracker. You can guess what happens next. 

How to make your to-do list more doable.

Vulture made a recipe card for Betty Draper's Squatter Goulash. Don't forget the snow. Very important.

How to recharge your brain in 10 minutes.

The NCAA tournament is over so you know what the means -- "One Shining Moment."

This genius website has a GIF for every possible situation in life. Such as: "Not a bad idea."

Scottish electropop band Chvrches covers the "Game of Thrones" theme song. Awesomeness ensues.