Mindy Lucas

'Mad Men' returns; Condi gets her green jacket; and a touching TD at Nebraska

I wrote in Sunday's paper about Dig South, a technology conference modeled after Austin's South by Southwest Festival. Worth a read. Could be a good thing for the Lowcountry.

Mad Men is back and Vulture asks an interesting question: Who barfed better -- Roger or Don?

A great piece in the New York Times Magazine about a woman in Portland, Ore. teaching a butchery class to high school students

Dale Talde, Harold Dieterle and other chefs talk about some of their own kitchen nightmares.

It's a sad day in the South -- iconic fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer is dead at age 81.

Congressional Republicans want to know if Jay-Z and Beyonce got permission to vacation in Cuba.

A friendly request from Yeah Yeah Yeah's about camera phones at their shows.

Bravo finally had the good sense to ax Kathy Griffin's disaster of a talk show after two seasons.

Slate declares the popular Paleo Diet a "Paleo Fantasy."

Vermonters have found new ways to extract and sell maple syrup, a crop that brought $40 million into the Green Mountain State last year. 

Speaking of sap, The AP is reporting that maple syrup theft is on the rise in nearby Maine.

Food Republic says pig tails are the new pork belly and says where you can find some.

Wylie Dufresne talks to The Braiser about being a celebrity chef and how not to stab yourself into the kitchen.

Southern accents in the Raleigh area are quickly vanishing, according to ongoing research by linguists at N.C. State. 

Joe Flacco is going to be playing Johnny Unitas in an upcoming film about the famous signal-caller but not everyone is excited about the casting choice.

Florida assistant Joker Phillips' recruiting tactics are more than a little terrifying. 

Condi Rice gets her green jacket.

Adidas decided to REALLY think outside the box in ads about English football club Chelsea's new kits.

Screenstagram livens up your desktop with your Instagram photos.

Lifehacker has a list of the top 10 ways to fight boredom at work.

Feral hogs have apparently taken over Texas.

I don't know about you but I've been souring on college sports but this video of 7-year-old Jack Hoffman, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, scoring a touchdown during Nebraska's spring game is a well-timed reminder of what sports is supposed to be about.