Mindy Lucas

ABC wants you to save 'Happy Endings'; alligator fair game for Lent; Marshall Henderson a sore loser

The Atlantic destroys The Strokes new record, "Comedown Machine." 

Oscar dates have been set for next year and and 2015.

Welsh rockers The Joy Formidable will release a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Badlands" for Record Store Day.

Mumford & Sons is hitting the road this summer/fall. Nearest show, believe it or not, is in St. Augustine in mid-September. 

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson is  apparently a pretty sore loser.

The Archbishop of the diocese of New Orleans has declared alligator seafood, making it OK for Catholics to eat on Friday during Lent.

Characters from NBC's "Parks and Recreation" reimagined as members of The Justice League

The Wall Street Journal writes about the culinary arms race to grow the world's hottest pepper.

The Smithsonian's Food & Thing blog explores that most blandest of vegetables -- iceburg lettuce

A pretty gross myth  debunked by Runner's World.

Food & Wine Magazine has a list of five food fads that faded.

Food Republic has a handy-dandy infographic on beer pairings

Lifehacker has five cheap and easy ways to eat local.

ABC wants you to help save "Happy Endings" from ... ABC.

Spotify, the much-beloved music service of this writer and this blog, has launched its first stateside advertising campaign

During a game in Toronto last night, a Boston Bruins assistant tossed his earpiece -- right into a fan's beer.