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Vasectomy Madness; Ed Sheeran plays Charleston; and My Chemical Romance calls it quits

The FAA is considering loosening restrictions on the use of certain electronic devices, namely E-readers like the Kindle and iPad, according to the New York Times. 

The Times writes about the effect of sequestration on the nation's air shows, something to which Beaufort can certainly relate

New York Times food writers Sam Sifton and Mark Bittman were in Charleston recently and cooked up their own Southern feast. Check out the blow-by-blow here.

Wrote this weekend about a pair of interesting new exhibits at the Telfair Academy in Savannah focusing on the history of furniture and how the design of the stuff we sit on has evolved over the last 200 years.

HBO is considering offering its popular HBO GO service to those without cable TV, according to Reuters. 

The Wall Street Journal wrote this weekend about Pappy Van Winkle, the highly-sought after Kentucky bourbon made popular and loved by chefs like Charleston's Sean Brock.

Vastecomy Madness! The Indianapolis Star writes that local urology practices tend to perform more vasectomies during the NCAA tournament than any time during the year. Seriously. 

Lifehacker writes that you may want to reconsider when you brush your teeth. Brushing before you eat breakfast, for example, could be better for your teeth in some cases.

The inaugural Spring Jam Music Fest in Charleston concluded Sunday (despite the weather) with a performance by the massively popular singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. Check out some photos here. 

The Washington Post interviews comedian (and South Carolina native) Aziz Ansari.

Buy a totally awesome Black Keys poster and support a great cause.

Popular emo rock band My Chemical Romance announced their breakup this weekend. Hence the vigils outside Hot Topic stores nationwide. 

The upcoming album from The National is full of cameos including St. Vincent and Sufjan Stevens. 

An awesome pocket spotlight for your iPhone.

Bon Appetit has an interview with actress Connie Britton where she dishes about caviar and her favorite places to eat in Nashville.

The L.A. Times has a list of good smartphone apps for beer lovers.

The radish as an aphrodisiac?

More older Americans aren't just smoking marijuana, they're also cooking with it, too, reports The New York Times. 

How to make your own Cadbury eggs.

Use oatmeal to clean your cast iron skillet.

Eater Charleston speculates that Mike Lata's ultra-hot new Charleston restaurant, The Ordinary, might soon be making its TV debut

The executive director of the Charleston Wine + Food Festival has resigned.

Philadelphia is becoming a destination for some of the country's hottest new chefs ... writes the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Keeping chickens in your backyard may be trendy but it may also put you at greater risk of contracting salmonella.

North Charleston gets some love from the New York Times Travel section.

Meet the darlings of March Madness: Florida Gulf Coast University

USA Today's Game On blog has compiled some of the tourney's best postgame celebrations.

Including this:

And this