Mindy Lucas

Sean Brock's favorite Charleston restaurant; Sniffing olive oil and diagramming March Madness' greatest moments

As Sun is set to reach the crest of its 11-year sunspot cycle, astronomers wonder what would happen if a monster solar storm struck Earth. Would continents plunge into darkness? What would happen to GPS satellites?

Don't skimp on sleep. Researchers say not getting enough rest can lead to weight gain.

Doctors are urging the FDA to tighten regulations on the amount of caffeine in energy drinks as emergency room visits for teens and young adults who have consumed too much caffeine continues to rise. 

The Beach House Hotel on Hilton Head and its popular Tiki Hut bar has been sold to a group from Connecticut, Casey Conley reports in today's Packet.

In the new issue of Travel+Leisure, Sean Brock praises Charleston restaurant Two Boroughs Larder, saying the Coming Street eatery is his favorite place to eat in town.

Food writer and author Michael Ruhlman DESTROYS in this piece about the American diet on his blog. One of the best, most thoughtful pieces of food writing I've seen this year.

L.A. Weekly apparently just found out about Club 33, Disneyland's ultra-exclusive speakeasy and dining club. 

The Atlantic wonders why there are no female magicians.

Restaurants and chefs get the rock n' roll gig poster treatment from a California artist. The result? Pretty awesome.

Thomas Keller is not to be trifled with. Keller verbally eviscerated a Huffington Post writer.

It's pineapple season but where is yours coming from?

CBS is filming "Reckless," an hour-long drama in Charleston. 

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods are officially a couple but Vonn wasn't always such a big fan of the famous golfer. Like in 2010, when Vonn made fun of Woods' disclosure that he was a sex addict.

Breathe easy, journalists and those who love them: Matthew Yglesias says the state of American journalism is strong.

A new series of prints captures some of the most famous plays in college basketball history, including Keith Smart's jumper to beat Syracuse in 1987. I need this in my life.

Introducing the TapIt Cap, a new device that helps you keep that growler of beer tasting fresh. Yes, it looks like a medical device but hey, if it works... 

German researchers say sniffing olive oil could help you feel fuller

Chris Weber brilliantly uses a teleprompter to break down footage of a guy refusing to give his girlfriend some ice cream.