Mindy Lucas

Currently ... Boycotting: Bravo's 'L.A. Shrinks' goes too far

I've watched a lot of bad programming on Bravo so I suppose, in a way, I'm part of the problem.

My viewership of such awful dreck as "Vanderpump Rules," "Gallery Girls" and any number of installments of the mind-numbing "Real Housewives" franchise must have emboldened the network to believe a show like "L.A. Shrinks" was appropriate for air.

It isn't.

In fact, the show, which Bravo describes as "examining the heads of three high-end shrinks practicing in the heart of Los Angeles" is an embarrassment, grossly exploitative and wildly irresponsible at a time when this country is trying to confront and destigmatize mental health, both in our civilian and military populations.

While patients of such professionals have no reason to suspect their psychologists, therapists or counselors don capes at night and fight crime, many do rely on the notion that the person giving them advice is professionally and personally stable to find therapy worthwhile or otherwise fortifying.

To tamper with that illusion is dangerous and distasteful even for a network that seemed to have had the market cornered on programming that spotlights ugly behavior.

And don't get me started on the damage these three therapists are doing to themselves, their practices, their clients and their profession.

It's hard to know, in the world of Honey Boo Boo and "Jersey Shore," where the line is anymore, but it's clear that "L.A. Shrinks" has crossed it and seemingly with little regard for the millions of Americans who might be harmed as a result.

I know I won't be watching and I hope you won't be either. Shame on you, Bravo.

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