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Hilton Head Island photographer Clyde Lohere talks about 'A Moment Captured'

Photo by Clyde Lohere
Photo by Clyde Lohere

Just a few seconds can make all the difference in a good photograph.

Clyde Lohere titled his exhibit with the Art League of Hilton Head "A Moment Captured." In it are shots from both the Lowcountry and abroad, many where the perfect timing made all the difference -- the way a wave broke against the shore, the slow creep of a blueish shadow across a table, how light shined through a chandelier.

The Hilton Head Island resident describes how he captures those moments in time.

Question. How did you get into photography?

Answer. I've been a photographer since I was in grade school. I was always interested in it and when I retired I got very interested in it. I actually started spending some time when I was in Washington, D.C., shooting out on the Mall. I was a contracting officer for the federal government. We retired to Hilton Head about two years ago.

Q. You shoot mainly in digital?

A. Yes, digital. I don't futz around with the image too much. I may boost the color a little, but that's about it. I called the exhibit "A Moment Captured." Some of these shots are just one of dozens that were taken and the one is the only one that really turned out.

I've got 30 pictures of this one stairwell, taken over five years probably. Only one came out because of how the light comes through the windows and lights up the chandelier a certain way. Just the perfect moment.

Q. What made you get back into photography

A. I like to be creative in several different ways. I also have a street rod I built from parts. Also built a canoe that I made out of carbon fiber. Creative problem-solving.

I like to spend most of my time out photographing. I just drive down the road or we'll head out on vacation. We're headed out to Arizona and Utah for a few weeks. I've got about 60 pounds of equipment, so hopefully it'll be a good time to shoot. If not, well, I should have a good time anyway.