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Five minutes with George Campbell, author of "What's Next George?"

George Campbell never figured he'd write a book. Not because he didn't have much to say. He's just always had a difficult time writing.

The Sun City Hilton Head resident is dyslexic. But he's lived a varied life, finding success in the oil business, professional baseball and even ceramic art. He wrote about his life in "What's Next George? How One Man Turned Pastimes into Paychecks," released this year by Tate Publishing.

Campbell explains what's next.

Question. Why write a book?

Answer. I'm not a writer (laughs). Not one bit. I quit golf for a bit and was looking for something to do. I wrote a little bio when I got into the Art League of Hilton Head for my ceramic art. A few of the members liked it and said, "George, you ought to write a book." I thought, "No way."

When we moved out here (Sun City) we made friends with our neighbors and, you know, we'd tell stories and such, and at one point they said, "George, you ought to write a book." So I finally got down to it.

Q. What was it like actually writing?

A. Being dyslexic, I'm a horrible speller. My grammar is terrible. My rough draft was a mess. I had a friend introduce me to a program where you speak into it, and it types it on the computer. That saved me. And then I had a friend of (my wife) Lois' help edit it.

Q. When did you know you had dyslexia?

A. Back in school I knew something was wrong. But they didn't know anything about dyslexia back then. Years later I realized what it was. I had trouble spelling. Still do. But when you got it you got it. You learn to adjust, or you have trouble. When I did bookkeeping I'd just have to keep rechecking myself because I'd flip the numbers. But I'd get people to do it for me. I'd tell myself to only date people with bookkeeping experience (laughs).

Q. The book covers your careers?

A. I start with my life cutting salt hay with my dad. Get into my baseball career for the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. I've spent time drilling for oil, operated a crabbing business, had a game preserve, started a miniature golf course.

Q. So, what's next?

A. Not another book, that's for sure. The title was my wife's idea. I'd get into so much. She'd always ask, "What's next, George?" After this, she said, "That's it, George."