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Fashion police

Hilton Head Island isn't exactly the fashion capital of the world. But oddly enough it's where fashion blogger and stylist Beth Jones first fell in love with the stylish world of women's clothing.

The Hilton Head native, who describes her style as vintage, said she remembers shopping at The Bargain Box thrift store on the island.

"I loved my Seventeen magazines and seeing what the different fashion editorials were, and trying to do different things," Jones said.

But she said she never considered making a career out of fashion until she moved to California.

"My personal style really started to grow and become more of what it is today after moving out to California because there's more options out here," the Orange County resident said. "There's a freedom of expression that's different than living in other places. I mean, people can kind of pull off whatever out here because it's California."

Now the 30-year-old daughter of Bluffton couple Rick and Barbara Turner has hit the big time. Jones is one of four fashion bloggers featured in Vogue's deluxe September Fall Fashion edition. You'll find her on page 602.

The women are part of the Vogue Influencer Network, a group of 1,000 reader panelists who try out the newest beauty products and then write about them on their blogs. In the current issue of Vogue they gave their reviews on Cover Girl makeup.

"It's pretty exciting," Jones said. "It's kind of one of those surreal experiences. ... I was really honored to be featured and asked to be a part of that campaign."

Jones said she started her fashion blog in 2007. At the time, she wanted to open a clothing store in California as a way to jump-start her fashion career -- she thought running a store would give her more experience in the fashion industry. And she started the blog to promote the store. But she said the blog took off quickly and she decided to ditch the store idea altogether.

Jones said a major door opened up for her when Quiksilver, a California-based line of surfwear and other sport-related clothing, chose to sponsor her for a year. The company was launching a women's line of clothing, and she applied for the sponsorship. Quiksilver gave her a work space, and she hosted special events for them.

Jones said the sponsorship provided a lot of opportunities and Quiksilver pretty much helped her with anything she was interested in pursuing.

"And that's kind of what took me to where I am today," Jones said.

Jones said her job now involves working with various companies to promote their products on her blog. Sometimes that means a clothing line sends her clothes and pays her to wear them and write about them. Other times it means a company pays her to host an event.<FEFF> Aside from keeping up her own blog, Jones still writes for Quiksilver Women's fashion blog.

"I feel very blessed to have a chance of doing something I really love and being creative the way I want to be creative," Jones