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Five Minutes With: Michael Powell and Jurgen Horn, bloggers and world travelers

Michael Powell and Jurgen Horn like to travel, so one day they decided to do just that -- permanently. The partners are spending every three months living in a different part of the world. First was Oviedo, Spain. Now, it's Savannah, with stops in Bluffton and Beaufort and on Hilton Head Island. They chronicle their trip on their blog, For 91 Days.

Jurgen and Michael recently discussed their time visiting the Lowcountry over lunch at the Sea Shack on Hilton Head Island.

Question. How did you end up in Savannah?

Mike: We had been in Europe for so long. We lived in Germany for a while and we lived in Spain for a bit. I'm from Ohio originally, and I had been looking to come back to the States. We came up with a list of five or six cities. Savannah just made sense to both of us. Historic, kind of cool. Not too big, not too small. We didn't know much about it.

Jurgen: We wanted to get someplace warm during the wintertime. Too bad this winter has been rather cold.

Q. How can you just pick up and move?

Mike: I worked for a software company in Germany and once that company went under I went out on my own. Jurgen's a photographer. We could both work from home. We loved traveling so we picked up and went to Ireland for a year.

Jurgen: It started as a joke. "We should just move somewhere different every few months." But we thought about it, and we figured we could do it. The complicated part was the dog. We have a dog, so we have to find places that take dogs.

Mike: We started the blog and thought that it would mainly appeal to tourists. But when we were in Oviedo we found that mainly locals read it to get a different perspective of the city.

Q. How do you get by living in a place you don't know?

Mike: We are so dependent on meeting people and knowing people who lived here. You can get a guidebook, but the best places are sometimes the out-of-the-way places.

Q. Where have you been in the Lowcountry?

Jurgen: We spent a day in Beaufort. Then we spent this weekend in Bluffton.

Mike: We had a great time in Bluffton. We had someone who lived there show us around (Nancy Golson of Eggs'n'Tricities). There are some interesting characters in Bluffton, to say the least.

Jurgen: It's amazing that it's a small town, but they've developed an artist community.

Mike: We went to The Cottage to eat. We went to the (Church of the Cross). We went to this guy's house who has thousands of orchids.

Mike: Beaufort is neat, too. We went to Old Point.

Jurgen: We liked walking around and looking at the old houses. Met up with some people for lunch at Wren's. Went to Hunting Island. We saw some dolphins, too.

Q. Have you gotten used to the Southern pace?

Mike: Well, we had just come from Spain, where everything is slow. You'd walk down the sidewalk, just literally slow. Everything's late.

Jurgen: We have noticed how friendly people are here.

Mike: People invite us to dinner. People invite us to church.

Jurgen: Everyone's friendly. We had someone on Twitter tell us that her banana pudding is outstanding and she wanted to stop by and drop off food. It's a nice gesture. But it seemed a little strange.