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Shooting match

The Camera Club of Hilton Head Island announced winners of its annual October contest. Members submitted 57 entries in two categories: motion, for photos capturing movement or speed; and open, for all other images. Greg Smith, Anne Caufman and John Brackett judged the competition and provided suggestions for the photographers.


  • Novice Motion (11 entries): first, "Splash" by John Parsons; second, "Snowy Egret in Flight" by Jack Wilfore; third, "Hot Wheels" by Susan Thomas; honorable mention, "California Surfing" by Dennis Snyder
  • Novice Open (11 entries): first, "Chapel of Oaks" by Natalie Nelson, second, "Lost Horizon" by John Parsons; third, "Blue Flight" by Ed Weinlein; honorable mention, "Vancouver" by Atlee Comper
  • Intermediate Motion (6 entries): first, "Merganser in Motion" by Denny Baer; "Happy Dance" by Carol Clemens
  • Intermediate Open (7 entries): first, "Palamedes Swallowtail" by Carol Clemens; second, "Lazy Bear" by Denny Baer; third, "Photographer" by Lew Allison
  • Advanced Motion (6 entries): first, "Girl on a Train" by Barbara Becker; second, "Surf Earl" by Donna Varner
  • Advanced Open (6 Entries): first, "Resting Place" by Donna Varner; second, "Three Boats" by Marci Tressel
  • Expert Motion (4 entries): first, "Souls in Torment" by Ernie Bryan
  • Expert Open (6 entries): first, "Old Still Life" by Bob Zier; second, "Ossabaw Tractor" by Randy Thompson
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