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Prizeworthy photos

The Photography Club of Beaufort announced the winners of the semi-annual Fall Competition held earlier this month. The judges were photographer and digital artist David Addington, graphic designer and photographer Ron Mabey and commercial photographer Christian Lee. Prints were judged on technical quality, composition and interest.

Results by category are:


First place, tie: Ellen Corbett, "Beautiful Eyes"; Tom Valentino, "Seabirds on a Foamy Sea"

Second place: Rebecca Bass, "Come to the Light"

Honorable mention, tie: Madeline Thiessen, "Fishermen's Nets"; Don Starkey, "Shrimper's Sunrise."


First place, tie: Ed Kawczynski, "To Market"; Chimaine Taylor, "Sarah"

Second place: John Dickerson, "Riding Igor's Trail"

Honorable mention, tie: Pat Keown, "Just a Sip"; Bonnie McDonald, "A Lotta Corn"


First place: John Albert, "Indigo Ibises"

Second place, tie: Chris Kirk, "Are You Looking At Me"; Larry Kay, "The Southern Road to Paradise"

Honorable mention, tie: Lamar Nix, "Canoe Nest"; Juergen Thiessen, "Old Urns"


First place: Nadine O'Quinn, "Treasure"

Second place: Charlie Heyman, "Blade Walker"

Honorable mention: Richard Darby, "Shrimp Net"