Hilton Head Dance Theatre puts a little punk into this year's 'Terpsichore'

Dancers with Hilton Head Dance Theatre are getting their plaid on just in time for RBC Heritage.

The group will present "Terpsichore" on April 13 at Hilton Head Island High School's Visual and Performing Arts Center.

The final piece of the performance is a contemporary ballet called "Sunny Side of the Street" and is choreographed by artistic director John Carlyle. The dancers will wear plaid kilts and dance to the music of Irish punk band The Pogues.

"Their music is just so much fun," Carlyle said. "I did this piece way back in the early '90s. And every time I've done it, everybody wants to know what the music is because they want it, because it's just that great."

But Carlyle said the piece is not intended to be anything authentically Irish or Scottish.

"I did it way before River Dance came out," he said.

Carlyle said every year he fears people are going to look at "Terpsichore" and say they've already seen it. But he said the truth is it's a different show every time they do it.

"We use it to describe a performance where we're going to do a group of concert pieces that are in different dance genres," he said. "So we'll do a classical piece ... and then we'll do a jazz piece, and there's a contemporary ballet, and there's some Pas de Deux. But the thing is, we don't want to call it an evening of repertoire."

This performance of "Terpsichore" will feature six guest artists from Columbia City Ballet and seven different pieces, ranging from classical to contemporary ballet to jazz.

Hilton Head Preparatory School 11th grader Emily Vaughan has been dancing with Hilton Head Dance since she was 3 years old. She said she enjoys performing in "Terpsichore."

"I love that it's a combination of everything," she said. "And that we're doing so many diverse types of dance ... as opposed to classic Broadway jazz. I just love that we get to be a part of so many different things all in one show."

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