'Expect the unexpected' at Candace Lovely's latest ARTworks exhibit

Impressionist artist Candace Lovely's exhibit "Expect the Unexpected: An Evening with Candace Lovely" opens from 6 to 8 p.m. Oct. 11 at ARTworks in Beaufort.

The exhibit takes place in an unusual place -- around a semi-circular bar inside ARTworks.

A Hilton Head Island resident, Lovely spent several years drawing the show's 13 works in Hilton Head bars.

The ARTworks bar is often used to sell sodas, beer and wine during theater intermissions, but this is the first time it has been the focal point of an exhibit, said J.W. Rone, ARTworks executive director.

"Expect the unexpected," Lovely said. "That is what a bar is -- you go there to find something new."

While impressionist painters typically use dots and dashes, Lovely uses squares.

"I'll be playing with your head again," she said. "I like to fool people. ... My work is different from when you look at something from far away to up close. It is not the same."

The bar exhibit is a part of her "God Bless America from Candace Lovely" works, which are still on display at ARTworks.

The concept for the "Expect the Unexpected" installation came to Lovely when she was setting up her "God Bless America" show. She noticed the ARTworks bar was perfect for her paintings.

Lovely's bar paintings create an illusion that there are people at the bar. A mirror was added to the right side of the bar to reflect the colorful images.

"They are like decoys," Lovely said of the people.

ARTworks organizers appreciate her work.

"Candace is a prolific and detailed artist, which means she has a lot to share," ARTworks spokeswoman Lisa Annelouise Rentz said. "She also likes to entertain, and she is using every asset ARTworks has to entertain the public. She wants art to be experienced, so she makes it fun."


Candace Lovely's "God Bless America" exhibit mixes art and politics