IPBG Marketing - Our Process


Discovery is the first step in creating a marketing plan that will meet our clients’ goals. It starts with assembling information about your industry, about your particular company and about your market. Our market research combined with data you provide help us find the customers who need and are ready to listen to information about your products and services.

We use proprietary tools to combine market, industry and customer data that lets you see information through a new lens. Our analysis will lay the foundation for our work and for building long-term relationships with your customers.

As we prepare your campaign, we test responses and user experiences, a process that continues during campaigns, as well.


With data in hand, our specialists work with you to define the program that best fits your company’s needs today and into the future. Whether you need mobile design, a social media presence, a brand voice, video production or content creation, our team will help you sort through the changing marketing landscape and craft a custom solution.

IPBG has innovative design and development teams to bring your brand strategy to life in whatever form is required to deliver results. From responsive design for mobile sites to full-scale mobile apps or discrete technology products, we tailor the solution.

We also have a team of story-tellers eager to weave the perfect tale for clients through video, blogging, native advertising articles or social media conversations.

We help you manage your online reputation through social media listening, monitoring and techniques for responding to customer praise and complaints.


At IPBG, it is our mission to understand your customer segments and design a plan and create a message they will love and that gets you results. We have a knack for creating visually stunning websites and ads, but the design process involves much more.

For example, we look at SEO as a design process. We’re aligning customer intent with word choices and with your online content so that search engines lead potential customers to you. We use our media buyers and planners to locate your customers no matter what the medium.

Our content, whether video, pictures, text, slideshares or infographics, is created to make people care, laugh, cry or share. At the same time, our dynamic story-telling is aimed at creating a brand voice that informs, inspires and engages.


With marketing goals and data-driven definitions of your customers and their characteristics in hand, our next step is deploying agreed-upon solutions. That includes choosing the correct social media and loading content, using programmatic advertising to reach target audiences at the right time and native advertising.

IPBG is expert at search engine marketing, email marketing, planning marketing events, call tracking and placing pre-roll video advertising. We can also help with internal employee communications about marketing campaigns to gain trust and commitment.

There is much, more we can do to spread your marketing message.


Although measurement is the “last” step, it is the most important because it affirms our commitment to your success. There is no “set it and forget it” with IPBG. Even in the early stages of your campaign, we will measure responses and ask you for feedback. We’ll want to know what customers are saying, whether you’re seeing more foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, and whether sales are changing.

As the campaign continues, our team of measurement specialists will review metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, advertising click rates and video views. They’ll refine tactics based on the numbers and respond to changes daily.

Then we’ll let you know what worked and what needs to be changed. We’ll use real-time insights and analytics to track the customer journey, optimize your campaign and then connect tactics to results. Our interest is in making sure you reach your goals and get the return you expect on your marketing investment.

The information we collect during the measurement process is fed back into into the data pool, which leads once again to discovery, defining, designing and deploying to continually improve your digital marketing.