Q: Where is the best place to find breaking news?

A: Check the "Top Stories" section on the homepage for latest news. You can also find news on your favorite topics by going to that section.

Q: Where are the obituaries?

A: You can find a link to "Obituaries" in the navigation bar near the top of the site.

Q: What are the primary sections of this redesigned site?

A: As listed in the blue bar near the top, our primary sections are News, Sports, Living, Opinion, Obituaries and Business.

Q: I have my favorite sections or pages on your site bookmarked. Will those bookmarks still work?

A: Yes, they should. We did pare down some redundant sections, so if you have a problem finding something, please check our "Site Map" linked from the bottom of all the pages or use the "Search" function near the top of the page.

Q: Where did my favorite blog go?

A: Most are still here. You’ll find a roundup of recent blog posts under the "News" menu, in the "Blogs" section just as you used to. In addition, you’ll find links to blogs on their topics pages – "Match Point" and "Shark Bites" will be on the "Sports" section; "Currently Playing" and "Blog a la Carte" will be on the "Living" section, for example. Some of the news reporters’ blogs have been eliminated, although reporters will continue to provide the same meeting agendas, notebook items and beat curiosities as they always have. Those items will simply appear as regular stories now.

Q: How do I find what other people are reading?

A: A list of the most-read stories of the day can be found on the right side of most pages on the site. It’s labeled "Most Popular Stories."

Q: I love your photo galleries. How do I find them?

A: We think this is one of the best improvements we’ve made -- photos and video will be more prominently displayed and better organized. You’ll find the most recent photo galleries on the "Photos" section of the homepage. You’ll see photo galleries for the topics on each of the section fronts, as well. In addition, you can click on the "View All Galleries" link in the "Recent Galleries" box to see all the photo galleries.

Q: I can’t get enough of Crime & Public Safety news. Where do I find more of those stories?

A: You’ll still find many of the latest crime & public safety stories on the homepage, just as before. Additionally, we highlight several of the latest crime-related stories in a homepage "Crime" digest section as well as and under "News" in the dropdown bar. Our daily mugshots from the Beaufort County Detention Center will continue to be displayed on our Crime & Public Safety page.

Q: I’m looking for things to do in Beaufort County and the surrounding area. What do I do?

A: You can find things to do around town on the "Calendar" page of the "Living" section. From the "Calendar" page just click on the category you want to view – movies, restaurants, etc. You can also add your public event from the calendar link. You can click on the "Living" link in the blue bar to find dining reviews, movie showtimes and more.

Q: I can click a Facebook "like" button on other sites. What about here?

A: Yes. When you are on a story page a Facebook "like" button is just beneath the story’s time stamp. You can click there to "like" the story. If you wish to post the story to your Facebook page, you can click the Facebook icon at the bottom of the story itself, in the bar that says "Share this story."

Q: Can I still comment on articles?

A: Yes.

Q: I'm using an older browser. Will that make a difference in what the site looks like to me?

A: Yes, the best experience for you will be to use Firefox 3.6 or above, Internet Explorer 7 or 8 or above or Chrome.

Q: How do I make a suggestion, offer a comment or ask a question about the new site?

A: Please go to http://www.islandpacket.com/customerservice/ or http://www.beaufortgazette.com/customerservice and give us your feedback using the form we have posted there. You can get there directly by clicking on the "Customer Service" link on any page, right above the Search box on the top right side.

Q: I'm going on vacation and would like to stop my home delivery service. Can I manage my account online?

A: Yes. On the bottom of the homepage, click on "Home Delivery" and follow the prompts.

Q: How do I access the e-Edition?

A: Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the e-Edition icon.

Q: I can't find what I am looking for, what do I do?

A: You can go to the Search Box at the top of the site and type in a name or description for what you're trying to find. We think one of the improvements on the new site is an improved search function. You can also click on the "Site Map" in the line of links at the bottom of each page. The "Site Map" is a listing of sections and pages on the site.

Q: I’m trying to find an article that was published recently. Where do I look?

A: On the top right corner of the home page is a Search Box. In the drop-down menu, select from one of three options: Search Past 90 days; Search Archives or Web Search. Articles that have been published within the past 90 days can be accessed at no charge if the reader hasn't exceeded their 15 metered pages of premium content within the past 30 days. Articles that reside in the archives over 90 days can be purchased as a single article or as a pack. (See options below.) The reader must register with Real Cities to establish an archive account. Credit card information is required as part of the account setup process. Please note that the prices on this page are for The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette Local Archives only.

NewsLibrary.com pricing options:

    • Single article purchase $2.95

Future purchases will require a separate charge to your credit card.

    • 3-article pack $6.95 (20% discount from single article purchase)

Good for one week from purchase.

    • 10-article pack $21.95 (25% discount)

Good for one month from purchase.

    • 25-article pack $49.95 (30% discount)

Good for one month from purchase.

    • 50-article pack $95.95 (35% discount)

Good for one month from purchase.

Long-term research:

    • 500-article pack $995 (33% discount)

Good for one year from purchase.

    • 1,000-article pack $1,995 (33% discount)

Good for one year from purchase.

Please note that these pricing packages are sold for use by the credit card holder only. These pricing packages are not intended for use in institutions such as schools, colleges or libraries. We do offer special rates for educational organizations, so please contact us at sales@newsbank.com.


About Facebook Commenting

We're using Facebook Comments to improve the environment for conversation and to make it easy to comment on stories and share them with your friends.

Q. Do I need to have a Facebook account to comment?

A: Yes, you need to have an active Facebook account to comment. If you don't have a Facebook account, you will be prompted to sign up for one when you try to post a comment on our website. You can also get one at www.facebook.com. Once you've signed up with Facebook, you must add a profile photo and connected with at least four friends before you will be able to easily comment and share stories. Your comments may only be visible to you and your friends for the first few days after you sign up.

Q: What if I don't want to participate in Facebook?

A: Only Facebook users will now be allowed to post comments on our articles.

Q: Will Facebook be monitoring the comments now?

A: No, Facebook does not moderate comments.

Q: Are we being paid by Facebook to do this?

A: No. Q: How do I sign in through the article?

A: After you enter your comment, when you click on Comment, a pop-up window will appear asking you to sign-in via Facebook.
  * If you do not see the pop-up window after you click on Comment, make sure that you have your pop-up blocker turned off.
  * If you are already signed-in to Facebook on your computer or device, you won't be asked to sign-in. You can simply post your comment.

Q: Why does my Facebook profile picture and name appear on the comments page when I haven't even posted a comment?

A: If you're signed in at Facebook.com, your information will appear, but it is not visible to anyone else until your comment is published.

Q: Will all my comments be posted to my Facebook page so everyone can see it?

A: Not necessarily. When you start to write a comment, you'll be given the option of post to Facebook right under it. All you have to do is unclick that box, and it will not be shown on your Facebook page.

Q: Can other people commenting see my personal information, e-mail, location, etc.?

A: What others see when they click on your name or picture on our site is determined by your Facebook privacy settings. Those settings allow you to decide how much information you want to share with your friends or others. To adjust your Facebook privacy settings, visit: www.facebook.com/help/privacy.

Q: How do I report an inappropriate or abusive comment?

A: Hover over the upper right corner of the comment until an "X" appears. Then click the "X" and choose one of the options to report a comment as spam or abuse. The comment will be removed from your view. Facebook does track abuse reports and automatically bans users who are consistently abusive.

Q: Why can't I see the comments?

A: Comments on this site are public, which means anyone logged in or out of Facebook should be able to view them. If you cannot see the comments, please check with your IT department. Some government agencies and other employers block Facebook domains and applications from their servers.

Q: How do I manage my account, change privacy settings, and share my comments?

A: You can learn about these options and more by visiting Facebook's help center at www.facebook.com/help.

Q: How do I manage Facebook notifications?

A: You can learn how to manage Facebook notifications at this link: www.facebook.com/help/390022341057202/

Q: Are the Terms of Use staying the same?

A: Yes they are, and you can find them on our Terms of Service page. To see Facebook's terms of service, go here: www.facebook.com/legal/terms.

Q: Do I need to keep an active Facebook account to post?

A: We look for real names, some kind of picture, and enough information on it to convince us you are a real person. Whether you do anything else with your Facebook account other than using it to log in to our site is entirely up to you.

Q: Do I have to use my own photo?

A: No, you can pick whatever else best expresses yourself as your photo. The photo shown is the main photo on your Facebook account page.

Q: What is a Top Commenter and how do I become one?

A: Facebook automatically assigns The Top Commenter badge to users whose comments are most often "Liked" by others. To earn the Top Commenter badge, keep doing what you're doing: being civil and respectful, respecting other viewpoints and following the Conversation Guidelines.

Q: What if I still have questions about the system and how to use it?

A: You can send and email through our Contact Us page.


If you're having problems with your Facebook account, please visit www.facebook.com/help.