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Beaufort County man charged with rape and kidnapping damages jail cell

Darryl Douglas Bradley, of St. Helena Island, was restrained by Beaufort County Detention Center staff on Monday after making a scene that damaged his holding cell. The 18-year-old is being held on first degree burglary, rape, attempted armed robbery, kidnapping and possession of a firearm during a violent crime, according to the jail log. He has been detained at the jail since April 19, 2017. In April of 2017 a woman on St. Helena Island reported he sexually assaulted her after breaking into her home. The victim said a man came to her front door and asked if she needed help with yard work. She told police she declined. The man later entered the house through an unlocked door, police reports state. The reports say he held a gun to her head as he sexually assaulted her. He ran away from the scene following the attack according to the report. On Monday, staff at the jail heard an odd sound coming from Bradley's cell. They found the teen hanging from a light fixture. A police report says Bradley pulled the fixture from the ceiling and started throwing it around the cell.Staff at the jail placed Bradley in wrist and ankle restraints and put him in a restraint chair. He refused to speak with a deputy, the report said. He did utter an expletive as the deputy walked out of the room. The report states Bradley has destroyed a light fixture once before at the jail. Bradley also set fire to objects in his cell in August, 2017. It was the night before his 18th birthday. He allegedly caught pieces of paper on fire by inserting them into an electrical outlet, police previously said. A mattress in the room also was damaged by the fire and he slid the burning papers into an adjacent holding cell. The cell was holding two inmates under the age of 18. The fire was extinguished without any injuries.

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