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The Mortgage Professor: Choosing the best type of mortgage

Most house purchasers look at many houses before they make a decision, weighing multiple features of one against the other. In contrast, the decision about which of numerous mortgage options to select often is made hastily with little thought. Yet borrowers have to live with their mortgage indefinitely, often for as long as they have the house.


Real estate Q&A: Can I get my neighbor to pay for her tree's damage to my house?

Q: My neighbor's large, seemingly dead tree overhangs my screened-in pool and has long made me nervous. I have repeatedly asked her to remove it. She always ignored or rejected my requests. During a hurricane, the tree finally came down, like I knew it would, and damaged my pool cage and house. The damage, while expensive, was less than my insurance deductible. Can I get my neighbor to pay for the damage? – Melody

Restoration at Beaufort's historic 'Big Chill' home turned-up these five unusual things

During restoration of Beaufort's Tidalholm, also known as 'Big Chill' home, several unusual items were found.
Drew Martin