Movies: Impaler
On Friday, Jan. 13, 2006, Jonathon Sharkey became a candidate for the governor of Minnesota. Jonathon is a satanic dark priest, sanguinarian vampyre and a hecate witch. The announcement of his candidacy marked the beginning of the largest amount of media coverage ever given to an unknown third party candidate for governor in our nation's history. Sharkey has been featured on television, radio, and in print not only nationwide, but worldwide. The Impaler is one of his many names and the namesake of this documentary film about Jonathon and his run for governor. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Tina Fey, Lourdes Flash, Julie Sharkey Carpenter, Brian Dickson, Tucker Carlson
Produced by: Andrea Dickson, Brian Dickson
Directed by: W. Tray White
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 16min
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