Movies: Holding Trevor
Holding Trevor
Everybody's looking for something. Trevor Holden is desperately looking for himself in all the wrong places--or maybe just in all the wrong people. It's pretty safe to say that he won't find enlightenment in his strung-out boyfriend. And, despite the well-meaning advice offered by his sexually promiscuous best friend and his self-righteous roommate, Trevor still seems to come up short. Almost ready to throw in the towel, Trevor happens upon Mr. Right, who refuses to let Trevor give up just yet. But, sometimes, a step in the right direction means forging a whole new path. "Holding Trevor" is continually poignant, relentlessly self-deprecating, and just the type of cerebral dark comedy that can speak directly to the 20-somethings of today while letting other generations in on the joke. Rated R for sexual content, language and some drug material.
Cast: Christopher Wyllie, Jay Brannan, Brent Gorski, Eli Kranski, Melissa Searing
Produced by: Brent Gorski
Directed by: Rosser Goodman
Written by: Brent Gorski
Running time: 1hr 28min
Opens: Jul 04, 2008 NY/LA
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