Movies: Budz House
Budz House
Action/Adventure, Comedy
Bud Howard and his stoner buddies hit the jackpot when they come up with a giant bag of kush. They quickly realize it belongs to a trigger-happy drug lord, and hide it under their house. When an unexpected bathroom mishap accidentally fertilizes the stash, they seize the opportunity to sell the "super weed."Now Bud and his friends must escape the crossfire of rival gangs while still finding time to save their weed and get high. Rated R for language and drug use throughout, and for some crude and sexual content.
Cast: Emilio Rivera, Faizon Love, Wesley Jonathan, Aaron Scotti, Luenelle
Produced by: Marvin Watkins
Directed by: Cameron Casey
Written by: Robert A. Johnson, Patrick Johnson Sr
Running time: 1hr 16min
Opens: Apr 13, 2012 Limited
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