Movies: Brooklyn Castle
Brooklyn Castle
This movie tells the stories of five members of the chess team at a below-the-poverty-line inner city junior high school that has won more national championships than any other in the country. The film follows the challenges these kids face in their personal lives as well as on the chessboard, and is as much about the sting of their losses as it is about the anticipation of their victories. Ironically, the biggest obstacle thrust upon them arises not from other competitors but from recessionary budget cuts to all the extracurricular activities at their school. The kids' dedication to chess magnifies their belief in what is possible for their lives. After all, if they can master the world's most difficult game, what can't they do? Rated PG for some language.
Cast: Patrick Johnston, Rochelle Ballantyne, Alexis Paredes, Pobo Efekoro, Justus Williams
Produced by:
Directed by: Katie Dellamaggiore
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 41min
Opens: Oct 19, 2012 NY
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