Movies: The Kite Runner
The Kite Runner
Spanning from the final days of Afghanistan's monarchy to the atrocities of the Taliban reign, an epic tale of fathers and sons, of friendship and betrayal, an unlikely friendship develops between Amir, the son of a wealthy Afghan businessman, and Hassan, a servant to Amir and his father. During a kite-flying tournament, an unspeakable event changes the nature of their relationship forever. As an adult haunted by the childhood betrayal, Amir seeks redemption by returning to his war-torn native land to make peace with himself and reconcile his cowardice. Rated PG-13 for strong thematic material including the sexual assault of a child, violence and brief strong language.
Cast: Shaun Toub, Nasser Memarzia, Said Taghmaoui, Atossa Leoni, Khalid Abdalla
Produced by: Pippa Harris, William Horberg, Rebecca Yeldham
Directed by: Marc Forster
Written by: David Benioff, Khaled Hosseini
Running time: 2hr 7min
Opens: Jan 11, 2008 Limited
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