Movies: Strength and Honour
Strength and Honour
Set in contemporary Cork, "Strength and Honor" tells the story of a young Irish boxer who accidentally kills his friend in the ring. Following this, he promises his wife he will never box again. However, years later when he discovers his only son is dying of the same hereditary heart disorder, which has taken his wife, he is forced to break his promise. "Strength and Honor" is a powerful boxing movie about a man's love for his son and his refusal to leave him to die! Rated R for some violence.
Cast: Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Patrick Bergin, Luke Whelton, Richard Chamberlain
Produced by: Mark Mahon
Directed by: Mark Mahon
Written by: Mark Mahon
Running time: 1hr 44min
Opens: Dec 07, 2007 Limited
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