Movies: The Silence Before Bach (Die Stille vor Bach)
The Silence Before Bach (Die Stille vor Bach)
Real-life drama and documentary-style filmmaking blend with surrealistic whimsy in director Pere Portabella's passionate look at the ties between classical music and the construction of contemporary Europe. From a scene of Bach patiently teaching his son Christoph Friedrich how to play the piano to a truck driver who plays the composer's music on his harmonica, a pianist who plays the Goldberg Variations while rolling through his enormous loft, a Bach impersonator leading tourists through Leipzig, and Felix Mendelssohn's curious discovery of the St. Matthew Passion via a piece of meat wrapped in sheet music, this puckish, almost kitsch collection of skits takes a playful look at the legacy of a classical composer whose music still retains the power to inspire and influence.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Alex Brendemühl, Féodor Atkine, Christian Brembeck, George-Christoph Biller, Christian Atanasiu
Produced by: Pere Portabella
Directed by: Pere Portabella
Written by: Pere Portabella, Xavier Albertí
Running time: 1hr 42min
Opens: Jan 30, 2008 NY
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