Movies: Musical Chairs
Musical Chairs
Drama, Romance
MUSICAL CHAIRS is about Armando who aspires to be a dancer but whose only way in is as handyman at a Manhattan dance studio, and Mia, an Upper East Side princess. Though worlds apart, their shared passion for dance promises to bring them together until a tragic accident changes Mia's life forever, and she finds herself wheelchair-bound at a rehab facility, with her dreams of a dance career shattered. Fortunately, Armando has enough dreams for both of them and, when he hears about a wheelchair ballroom dance competition that will soon be held in NY. With the help of several other patients at the rehab center, Armando organizes an intense training program that will bring them all center stage and in the spotlight. Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual material and a brief drug reference.
Cast: Leah Pipes, Jaime Tirelli, Laverne Cox, E.J. Bonilla, Priscilla Lopez
Produced by:
Directed by: Susan Seidelman
Written by: Marty Madden
Running time: 1hr 42min
Opens: Mar 23, 2012 NY/Miami
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