Movies: The Viral Factor (Jik zin)
The Viral Factor (Jik zin)
A mission to escort a witness from Jordan to the Netherlands leaves International Security Affairs agent Jon severely scarred: a bullet is lodged in his brain, his fiancée and fellow agent Rita is dead and their traitorous colleague Sean has nabbed their witness. While contemplating leaving the force, he finds out that his father and brother, Wan Yang, are still alive. In his search for them, he discovers that his brother is working as a mercenary for Sean, who has evil plans to force scientist Rachel to cultivate a mutating virus to unleash on the world. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, Andy On, Bing Bai, Steven Dasz
Produced by: Candy Leung
Directed by: Dane Lam
Written by: Dante Lam, Candy Leung
Running time: 2hr 2min
Opens: Jan 20, 2012 Limited
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