Movies: The Life I Lived
The Life I Lived
Bill Cacchiotti, a small town business owner recalls his eventful life in his day of retirement. Bill looks back how he started his lighting and electrical store that eventually led to illegal activities with racketeering and murder. If one man wasn't bad enough his son Eddie is becoming more and more like his father everyday. Eddie, not the brightest guy, tries to find new business ventures for the family, unfortunately they lead to disaster. Bills long time friend and associate Gary help the family in the events that unfold. The story of a once straight laced guy that turns to the life of crime, alcohol, murder and sex in the Crime Drama "The Life I Lived." Rated No Rating .
Cast: Kendra North, Tom Howard, Warren Watson, Keith Provost, Richard Bennett
Produced by: Ben E. Solenberger
Directed by: Ben E. Solenberger
Written by: Ben E. Solenberger
Running time: min
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