Movies: Moving McAllister
Moving McAllister
Rick Robinson is a lowly intern at a prestigious Miami law firm who dreams of becoming a partner one day. Eager to impress, he agrees to help the firm's top lawyer, Maxwell McAllister with a favor he really cannot afford. Just five days before the bar exam, Rick finds himself in charge of moving McAllister's dearest possession across the country: his seductive, yet untouchable niece, Michelle. In a less-than-stellar moving van, the mismatched pair begins their cross-country journey. Along the way they encounter numerous obstacles and unforgettable characters, like free-spirited hitchhiker, Orlick Prescott Hope, who, much to Rick's dismay, manage to slow down the journey. Through the experience, Rick begins to realize that there's more to life than becoming a successful lawyer. Rated PG-13 for some drug content, sexual references and crude humor.
Cast: Rutger Hauer, Jon Heder, Patrika Darbo, Ben Gourley, Mila Kunis
Produced by: Ben Gourley, Jason Faller, Kynan Griffin
Directed by: Andrew Black
Written by: Ben Gourley
Running time: 1hr 29min
Opens: Sep 14, 2007 Limited
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