Movies: Things To Do
Things To Do
A twenty-five year old office drone heads back to his hometown and reconnects with a carefree childhood friend in director Theodore Bezaire's existential comedy drama. Adam Stevenson (Mike Stasko) works a mundane job in a mundane office. Crushed by the overwhelming mediocrity of his uneventful life, Adam one day decides to simply pack up his belongings and return to his childhood home. Though Adam's baby boomer parents are casually indifferent to their son's return, hometown clown Mac welcomes his old buddy back with open arms and a mischievous grin. While Adam was toiling away in the office, eccentric Mac has been living it up back home and enjoying life to the fullest. It turns out a little spontaneity can go a long way in helping one maintain their happiness, and as Adam and Mac begin making a list of things to do that they had been dreaming about for years it all begins to come together for the aimless young slacker.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Chazrin Blake, Don Bezaire, Tim Bezaire, Olivia Bezaire, Amy Ballantyne
Produced by: Gerry Lattmann
Directed by: Ted Bezaire
Written by: Michael Stasko, Ted Bezaire
Running time: 1hr 25min
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