Movies: Under the Same Moon (La misma luna)
Under the Same Moon (La misma luna)
"Under the Same Moon" tells the parallel stories of nine-year-old Carlitos and his mother, Rosario. In the hopes of providing a better life for her son, Rosario works illegally in the United States while her mother cares for Carlitos back in Mexico. Unexpected circumstances drive both Rosario and Carlitos to embark on their own journeys in a desperate attempt to reunite. Along the way, mother and son face challenges and obstacles but never lose hope that they will one day be together again. Rated PG-13 for some mature thematic elements.
Cast: Carmen Salinas, Kate Del Castillo, Maya Zapata, Eugenio Derbez, Adrian Alonso
Produced by: Ram Bergman, Ligiah Villalobos, Patricia Riggen, Norman Dreyfuss, Gerardo Barrera
Directed by: Patricia Riggen
Written by: Ligiah Villalobos
Running time: 1hr 49min
Opens: Mar 19, 2008 Limited
Theaters for 02/06/13
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