Movies: North Sea Texas (Noordzee, Texas)
North Sea Texas (Noordzee, Texas)
Pim, an introverted child, occupies his time drawing and fantasizing while keeping his emerging desires a secret. As a teenager, he grows infatuated with Gino, the handsome boy next door. When a hunky young man from the local fair starts living with Pim and his mother, he seizes the opportunity to leave home and move in with Gino's family. His plan backfires as Gino departs, romancing and living with a girl from across the border. It seems like Pim's dreams will never come true, but then one rainy day Gino returns home. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Eva van der Gucht, Jelle Florizoone, Thomas Coumans, Mathias Vergels, Luk Wyns
Produced by:
Directed by: Bavo Defurne
Written by: Bavo Defurne
Running time: 1hr 34min
Opens: Nov 02, 2012 NY/LA
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