Movies: Amateur Porn Star Killer
Amateur Porn Star Killer
The term "snuff film" first originated in the early 1970s and was synonymous with"white heat" and "the real thing." In 1975, the FBI investigated rumors of snuff in America. For the past 30 years, thousands of people have claimed that they've seen an actual snuff film. To this day it remains an "urban legend." This film follows a Ted Bundy-like serial killer, Brandon, and his next victim, Stacy, who is about to become an unwilling participant in Brandon's movie. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Shane Ryan, Michiko Jimenez
Produced by: Shane Ryan
Directed by: Shane Ryan
Written by: Shane Ryan, Michiko Jimenez
Running time: 1hr 11min
Opens: Aug 24, 2007 LA
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