Movies: The Holy Land
The Holy Land
A coming-of-age saga set against the tense backdrop of Arab-Israeli politics. Mendy is a young Rabbinical student whose mind is too full of curiosity about the world that exists outside the restrictions of Orthodox Judaism. Recognizing his distraction, Mendy's teacher suggests that he visit a prostitute to "get it out of his system." But on a fateful night, when he meets Sacha, a captivating Russian expatriate, who works in a Tel Aviv bordello, his appetite for outside experience only grows stronger. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Arie Moskuna, Tchelet Semel, Albert Illooze, Saul Stein, Oren Rehany
Produced by: Udi Yerushalmi, Ran Bogin
Directed by: Eitan Gorlin
Written by: Eitan Gorlin
Running time: 1hr 32min
Opens: Jul 11, 2003 NY
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