Movies: Mister Foe (Hallam Foe)
Mister Foe (Hallam Foe)
Drama, Suspense/Thriller
A twisted Freudian adventure, the film centres on Hallam Foe, a teenage voyeur who fancies his step-mother until he becomes convinced that she murdered his mother. He leaves home when she seduces him and begins a feral life in the rooftops of Edinburgh until he spots and becomes obsessed with a girl who looks just like his mother. Rated R for strong sexual content and language.
Cast: Sophia Myles, Jamie Bell, Claire Forlani, Ciarán Hinds
Produced by: Gillian Berrie
Directed by: David Mackenzie
Written by: Peter Jinks
Running time: 1hr 35min
Opens: Sep 05, 2008 NY/LA
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