Movies: Small Faces
Small Faces
Scottish filmmaker Gillies MacKinnon directed and co-wrote (with brother Billy MacKinnon) this semi-autobiographical drama set in the working class Glasgow of 1968. Thirteen-year-old Lex Maclean (Iain Robertson) is torn between his brothers, his only male role models. Alan (Joseph McFadden) is an aspiring artist who's on his way to develop his talent at school. Bobby (J.S. Duffy) is mentally disturbed and somewhat simple-minded and has become involved with a local gang, the Glens. While walking down the street with Bobby one day, Lex takes an air gun and casually shoots it at some boys, hitting Malky Johnson (Kevin McKidd) in the eye. The leader of a rival gang, the Tongs, Johnson is aware that his girlfriend Joanne Macgowan (Laura Fraser) has a crush on Alan. Johnson's blinding injury turns him into a deadly enemy of Lex and his brothers. Offered protection by Bobby's gang, Lex must choose between two different paths.~ Karl Williams, All Movie Guide Rated R .
Cast: Joseph McFadden, Iain Robertson, J.S. Duffy
Produced by:
Directed by: Gillies MacKinnon
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 48min
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