Movies: Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey
Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey
Regardless of the differences in where we live or how we look, all human beings share the experience of rhythm and music. 'Pulse: a Stomp Odyssey' takes us on a world tour of music, rhythm and dance. From the sound of a Native American drum echoing off the canyon walls of New Mexico to the thunderous Kodo drum in Japan, from the percussion of the South African Gumboot Dancers to the grace of Eva la Yerbabuena's flamenco dance, 'Pulse' takes us on a journey of 10 thousand miles and five continents, weaving a story of cultural history told in the universal language of music, rhythm and dance. 'Pulse' transforms our vision to see musical instruments in everyday objects such as trash cans, bicycles and metal pipes. 'Pulse' enables us to hear music in everyday sounds like a passing train, traffic or a chattering bird. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Keith Middleton
Produced by: Steve Kempf, Don Kempf, David Jon Marks, Harriet Leve, James D. Stern
Directed by: Steve McNicholas, Luke Cresswell
Written by:
Running time: 40min
Opens: Oct 17, 2002 Limited
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