Movies: Khodorkovsky
Controversial Mikhail Khodorkovsky began as a socialist, rose to the highest level of Russia's wealthy class as a successful capitalist when he was the owner of Yukos Oil, and became famous as a political prisoner when he was jailed in 2003. Officially, Khodorkovsky was sent to prison on tax and embezzlement charges, but his supporters believe that his only crimes were criticizing the Kremlin and the powerful Vladimir Putin. His family and other supporters discuss his case and the subject of corruption in Russian politics. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Anton Drel, Pavel Khodorkovsky, Lena Khodorkovskaya, Marina Khodorkovskaya, Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Produced by:
Directed by: Cyril Tuschi
Written by: Cyril Tuschi
Running time: 1hr 51min
Opens: Nov 30, 2011 NY
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