Movies: A Four Letter Word
A Four Letter Word
Comedy, Romance
When Luke enters the gay bar flanked by his sidekicks, he doesn't know that he is about to meet his match - in hot macho man Stephen. Awakening in a twisted heap of naked strangers, Luke heads to work at a Chelsea sex store where he is forced to face his lifestyle by his co-worker Zeke, a confrontational gay crusader who will stop at nothing short of changing the world. A relationship between a playboy and a prostitute depends on whether that is the only secret Stephen is keeping . Among party boys, monogamists, addicts, and activists, Luke's quest may unearth answers his heart is not ready to handle. The protagonists ultimately realize that being true to yourself may be the best way to deal with the many complications of "A Four Letter Word" called love! Rated No Rating .
Cast: Steven M. Goldsmith, Charlie David, Jesse Archer, Goldsmith, Cory Grant
Produced by: Casper Andreas, Markus Goetze
Directed by: Casper Andreas
Written by: Casper Andreas, Jesse Archer
Running time: 1hr 27min
Opens: Mar 28, 2008 NY
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