Movies: An Affirmative Act
An Affirmative Act
A slice of life of a young, professional married couple with their darling baby turns a sharp, dark corner when the pair are arrested and charged with several counts of fraud. The reason: Terry and Samantha Succi aren't the man and woman that they purported to be. In truth, they are two women. One, a long haired, pretty law professor; the other, a boyish-looking architect, who tricked the world surrounding her into thinking she was a man. Under false pretenses of being a heterosexual couple, they married, adopted their child, obtained their benefits and paid their taxes. And, they did so because of state law that discriminates against homosexual partners. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Charles Durning, Blanche Baker, Costas Mandylor, Robert Clohessy, Thomas G. Waites
Produced by:
Directed by: Jana Mattioli
Written by: Ken Del Vecchio
Running time: 1hr 40min
Opens: Apr 01, 2011 Limited
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