Movies: Half Moon (Niwemang)
Half Moon (Niwemang)
Mamo, the old renowned Kurdish musician, has begun a journey to Iraq with his sons to perform a music concert after the fall of Sadam Hossein. On the journey, a middle aged man who is Mamo's follower escorts him and the sons as a driver of an orange mini bus which he has borrowed from a friend. Mamo gathers his sons one by one from different areas. When the last son joins the team he insists to speak to Mamo. He explains to Mamo that the Old of the village has predicted that Mamo should not go on the trip because as the full moon comes, something awful will happen to him. Mamo persist on continuing his journey. He claims that he must continue his trip despite all the obstacles because he was not allowed to work for many years. Mamo intends to take Hesho, a woman singer who lives with 1334 other women in exile, with his team. But Hesho has lost the strength of her old voice with her self confidence. While crossing the borders, Mamo's teams face many difficulties and their journey becomes full of events and adventures. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Sadiq Behzadpoor, Allah-Morad Rashtian, Kambiz Arshi, Hedye Tehrani, Ismail Ghaffari
Produced by: Simon Field
Directed by: Bahman Ghobadir
Written by: Behnam Behzadi, Bahman Ghobadir
Running time: 1hr 54min
Opens: Dec 14, 2007 NY
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