Movies: Little Black Dress (Mai Beulraek Minideureseu)
Little Black Dress (Mai Beulraek Minideureseu)
These girls want to live like stars. Yoo-min, Hye-ji, Min-hui, Soo-jin are university students majoring in theater and film. They believe that when they graduate, they will live like film stars. However, the only experience they have is in a few relationships and dancing at clubs. They are now hit hard by reality. When Hye-ji suddenly rises to stardom, jealousy forms among the girls and their friendship begins to grow weak. Will these girls be able to begin the second act of their lives, after this time of confusion that is just as dangerous as wearing killer heels and more bitter than Americano? Rated No Rating .
Cast: Lee Yong-Woo, Park Han-Byul, Yoo In-Na, Cha Ye-Ryeon, Yoon Eun-Hye
Produced by: Ahn Soo-Yeon, Jang Suk-Bin, Kim Jung-Bok, Kim Woo-Sang, Jung-Hyun
Directed by: Heo In-Moo
Written by: Kim Min-Seo, Heo In-Moo
Running time: 1hr 47min
Opens: Apr 21, 2011 Limited
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