Movies: Shaolin (Xin Shao Lin Si)
Shaolin (Xin Shao Lin Si)
Action/Adventure, Drama
When Hao is betrayed by fellow general Cao Man, he is forced into hiding, and takes refuge with the monks at their hidden mountain temple. As the days pass, he finds himself more and more at ease, as he learns the ways of peace. But Cao is not far behind, and war soon reaches the temple, where the monks are ready to fight back with a fierce style that none of the warlords have ever seen- their unstoppable Shaolin Kung Fu. Rated R for violence.
Cast: Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Bingbing Fan, Jacky Wu
Produced by: Benny Chan, Albert Lee
Directed by: Benny Chan
Written by: Cheung Tan, Chi Kwong Cheung
Running time: 1hr 59min
Opens: Sep 09, 2011 Limited
Theaters for 05/30/13
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