Movies: After Dark Originals: Scream of the Banshee
After Dark Originals: Scream of the Banshee
When a college Professor opens up a strange, ornate box discovered in the basement of a University, she and her students hear a horrifying scream belonging to that of a bloodthirsty banshee. They think nothing of it, until that scream begins to haunt all that heard it in strange and surreal ways. According to Irish lore, if you hear a Banshee scream, you will die - which is what starts happening to them one by one, as the creature starts taking their lives... Rated R for bloody horror violence and brief sexual content.
Cast: Edrick Browne, Leanne Cochran, Marcelle Baer, Eric F. Adams, Monica Acosta
Produced by:
Directed by: Steven C. Miller
Written by: Anthony C. Ferrante
Running time: 1hr 37min
Opens: Jan 28, 2011 Limited
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