Movies: Chal Mere Bhai
Chal Mere Bhai
The story is about two brothers, Vicky Oberoi and Prem Oberoi. There is a very strong and healthy bond between both the brothers. Vicky is a business tycoon and looks after the family business consisting of many Multinational Companies. He is a very responsible and capable industrialist, whereas Prem is a happy- go- lucky person who does not take interest in the family business. He is interested in acting and keeps working on stage plays with his theatrical group. Vicky and his grandmother support Prem whereas Balraj Oberoi, the father of the both the brothers is against the idea of Prem whiling away his time and not becoming serious in life. Sapna who stays with her Uncle and Aunty, is on the look out for work. She goes for an interview to Vicky Oberoi's company, but is rejected by Vicky as she is a fresher and has no work experience. Seeing her innocence, Balraj Oberoi, who is the Chairman of the Oberoi Group of Companies, employs her. Sapna is very scared of Vicky Oberoi and due to her nervousness ends up doing all the wrong things which irritate him. Prem meets Sapna through her Uncle who works with Prem on stage shows. Prem comes to know that Sapna is working for his brother. One day, Sapna saves the life of Vicky Oberoi who is badly hurt in a fight. This impresses all the members of the Oberoi family and they become fond of Sapna. Balraj Oberoi and his mother grow fond of Sapna who looks after Vicky while he is recuperating and are keen that Vicky agrees to marry Sapna. Meanwhile Sapna and Prem become close and fall in love with each other. After Vicky gets well, his father and grandmother propose to Vicky to marry Sapna. Initially Vicky refuses, but later relents without knowing that his younger brother Prem and Sapna are fond of each other. Before Prem can inform his family about his fondness for Sapna, he comes to know that his elder brother has consented to marrying Sapna. Vicky tells Prem that Sapna is right person and that he will marry none other than her. Will Prem sacrifice his love? Will Sapna marry Vicky? Rated No Rating .
Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Sushma Seth, Dalip Tahil, Karishma Kapoor
Produced by: Nitin Manmohan
Directed by: David Dhawan
Written by: Ikram Akhtar
Running time: min
Opens: Apr 28, 2000 Limited
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