Movies: Waiting for Forever
Waiting for Forever
Best friends while they were growing up, Emma and Will lost touch a long time ago -- as far as she knows. To Will, Emma never stopped being the most important person in his life. Believing them to be forever linked, he goes wherever she goes. Will doesn't have a home, a car, or a "real" job. He survives on his talent as a juggler and entertainer -- talents honed through years of showing off for Emma. When her father gets sick, Emma returns to their hometown, trying to leave behind her complicated love life and failing career as a TV actress. As its characters face love, death and their own preconceptions, "Waiting for Forever" questions the realities of life. Rated PG-13 for some violent content, brief language and thematic material.
Cast: Blythe Danner, Rachel Bilson, K.C. Clyde, Matthew Davis, Nikki Blonsky
Produced by:
Directed by: James Keach
Written by: Steve Adams
Running time: 1hr 34min
Opens: Feb 04, 2011 Limited
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