Movies: Class Concert and Giselle Live
Class Concert and Giselle Live
Program, Musical
"Giselle" (Act I) presents the transcendental power of a woman's love in the face of betrayal and is one of the most technically demanding and emotionally challenging roles in classical dance -- not surprisingly, it is here a great showcase for the leading ballerinas of the Company. New choreographic version by Yuri Grigorovich.

Created in the early 1960s, "Class Concert" is a gloriously romanticized version of the ballet class that dancers do every day. From exercises at the barre to displays of beauty and strength center stage, Asaf Messerer's entertaining circus of a ballet zips through the most difficult combinations with glee and brings panache to the most basic. Rated No Rating .

Cast: Adolphe Adam, Anton Rubinshtein, Alexander Glazunov, Sergei Lyapunov, Konstantin Lyadov
Produced by:
Directed by:
Written by:
Running time: 2hr 50min
Opens: Jan 23, 2011 Limited
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